London Marathon Challenge For HBF Charity Manager


HER Breast Friends Charity Manager, Jayne Beck is taking on the biggest challenge of her life since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012.

Jayne decided a long time ago that the London Marathon was on her list of things to conquer before she was 50!  Unfortunately, being diagnosed with the disease in 2012 disrupted her plans but now,  some 6+ years later and cancer free,  Jayne has resurrected this challenge and on 28th April 2019,  she will line up with 1000’s of runners with a mere 26.2 miles of the Worlds most famous marathon, ahead of her.

Sadly,  Jayne was unable to secure a place via the London Marathon ballot,  which would have allowed her to raise money for HER Breast Friends but instead she has secured a charity place and is running for Against Breast Cancer whose aims include research to improve detection, increase survival after diagnosis, and ultimately a future free from breast cancer!   

So not really a bad substitute charity to raise funds for!

Jayne says, “As a breast cancer survivor and through my work at HER Breast Friends,  I know how vitally important research is as well as the support needed for those who are going through or have gone through this journey.   This is my way of showing breast cancer that, despite its’ best efforts, it hasn’t put me down!  Now those who know me,  know I’m not a runner by any stretch of the imagination,  but to achieve the ultimate in running challenges is something I’m very proud to attempt and when I think back to those dark days of 2012 and where I am today, I hope it will give HOPE to everyone affected”

Training has been hard,  with many a tantrum (especially on these cold and wintry nights!!) but along with Trustee Annmarie Bennett (who is also doing the marathon!), the miles are being painfully done and the preparation is “well’ underway.   NOTE: Mo Farrah really has nothing to worry about!   So if you happen to see them training around the streets and tracks of Hull & The East Riding or Yorkshire, or spot them in London on 28th April 2019, please give them a cheer and a wave.  

If anyone would like to sponsor Jayne,  that really would be amazing,  or if you wanted to read more on her story please go to:

(Paper sponsor forms are in the HER Breast Friends office too)